Next Generation Token

ShibMoon is a meme token in the Binance Smart Chain Platform. SHIBM also working in NFT based Marketplaces. ShibMoon (SHIBM) is a Binаnсе Smаrt Chаin tоkеn оn thе current mеmе соin аnd NFT hype. We have taken еvеrуоnе'ѕ fаvоritе mеmеѕ and расkаgеd thеm which уоu саn trаdе оr ѕtаkе or farm for long term investment and earning.

ShibMoon NFT & MEME


We’ve built a platform for both NFT and memes

Decentralized Platform
The platform helps users to Buy and Sell NFT and meme tokens transparently.
Pair to Pair
This Process helps users to share hands to hands directly without any broker or anyone control
Rewards Mechanism
The system pay a bonus for users who will use ShibMoon Platform

Why choose ShibMoon token

Mobile payment make easy
You can use a mobile device to pay friends with simple steps and buy sell in one click.
Lifetime free transaction
You can buy and Sell NFT and meme tokens without paying any hidden fee exclude blockchain network fee
Protect the identity
The Users identity will be hidden completely. we will never store or share users identity or information to anybody
Sercurity & control over money
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users which makes their money and information both secure.

1 SHIBM = 0.02$

Road map

Our Project Plan

Feb 2022


  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
Mar 2022


  • Research about market.
May 2022

Project start

  • Project and promotion start
May 2022

Sale & Listing

  • Sale in various platform and cex/dex listing
Jul 2022

Listing CEX

  • Listing complete in Hotbit
  • Lbank & XT
Sep 2022

Alpha release

  • Alpha Marketplace release for testing
Nov 2022

Beta Release

  • NFT and MEME marketplace release for users
Jan 2023

App Release

  • App will be release of our marketplace for easy to use
May 2022

Listing and office

  • Listing in Big Exchange and start physical office in various countries


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Here is our full documents that help you to understand deeply about ShibMoon and our operation

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